Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On our way home

We are on our way home to Texas. I am looking forward to getting back to real life, believe it or not. On our trip back we decided to spend an extra day in Salt Lake City. Tim and the kids have never been to Temple Square and I haven't been since i was a kid. We really enjoyed it. The 'new' conference center is impressive. I took some pictures and will post those on another day.

We sure have enjoyed this extended vacation. The kids have been as good as can be expected in the car. Jody did a vacation by the numbers a while back and i may copy her when we finally get home.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Modern Day cattle Rustler

One of the fun things we have done on our vacation is drive up to Little lake outside McCall, ID. We drove up and had a weenie roast with the fam and on the way home..... we drove through some forested area, where there were cattle grazing. Some of the heard strayed on to the road. My brother Mark, when we wouldn't let him get out of the van to chase them, resorted to his own methods.