Saturday, July 16, 2011

A well laid plan.

Several months ago my Mom shared with me a plan to surprise my Dad. My youngest brother Sam was going to be receiving his Eagle Scout award at the end of June. My dad had expressed to her how great he thought it would be if he could get all 3 of his Eagle Scout sons together in their scout uniforms. My brother, Ted was already going to be in town at the end of June but Mark lives in England and it seemed like an impossible plan. So, Mom and I started hatching. We were the only people who knew about the plan. I contacted Mark and it turned out that he would be able to take work off and come. Also the whole family was planning a trip to McCall the following week and he was able to stay long enough to join us there too. We flew him into Seattle the night before the Court of Honor and I picked him up. I was SO excited!!! For many days before that I got through my daily run imagining the look on my Dad's face when we showed up.

Anyway, the next morning we headed down to Oregon. We went through many different plans of how to 'show up' and actually it ended up being totally different. As we were driving up to the house i could see that everybody was out in the front yard... so much for sneaking in! I let Mark out before i got all the way to the house and we tried to be as sneaky as possible. Then, I was so discombobbled by every one being outside that i almost forgot to video tape it. Here is how it went down (sorry it got a little shaky in the middle)

Then, a couple of hours later, Annabelle and Dave showed up and we had a fun surprise all over again. I didn't get any video of that one though.

Here they are, the Eagle Scouts in all their glory.