Friday, January 2, 2009

The Housework Experiment.

In our house there are two very diferent opinions on how housework should be done. I have been experimenting with the two viewpoints over the past week and have made some interesting discoveries.

Tim's Way: Start with a very clean house. one would venture to say spotless. Then through out the day be constantly cleaning, picking up and only stop briefly in the mid afternoon. This is a good system although you end up feeling like kind of a slave to your house and kids(at least i do). Also, schedule more intensive cleaning for certain days of the week. Like clean the bathrooms on thurdays etc. Be sure to schedule these on your ical so that the computer will remind you what chore you are supposed to be doing instead of blogging.

Alison's Way: Start with a house that is as clean as you felt like making it before you went to bed the night before. If it was a bread baking night, dont expect the kitchen part of the house to be very clean. Then just let your kids do what ever they want all day, drag any toys out to the living room, scatter cereal all over the kitchen floor, and cause general mayhem while I am reading blogs or surfing the internet. Then, after the kids go to bed at 8 pm, spend about an hour getting the house close to its almost clean status. Do the daily chores if you feel like it.

I have come up with a modified way, kind of a hybrid of the two. Start with a really clean house because tim was home the night before and he cleaned it up while I was putting the kids to bed. Clean as you go until lunch time. then give up and sit on the couch the rest of the day. what a loser.

maybe someday i'll get it together...for now i guess i just have to be satisfied with letting tim clean the house once and a while so it doesnt become a complete pig sty.