Monday, August 31, 2009

Top 10

10 things I learned the first week of school.

1. I am positively giddy when the school bus rolls away at 9 05.

2. I can bake 3 times as much in 3 hours while Grace is at school than i can in the same 3 hours when she is home.

3. Eddie makes friends fast ( I actually already knew that.)

4. Eleanor will watch Dora and Diego the whole 3 hours that Grace is at school if i let her.

5. Eddie's room CAN stay clean for longer than 8 hours at a time.

6. Eddie will not eat breakfast at home but he will eat breakfast at school.

7. By the time Grace gets home from school i can have all my chores/errands done and can sit on the couch until it is time to get Eddie.

8. Going to the grocery store is a million times easier.

9. Grace and Eleanor home together is a way different dynamic than last year when Eddie and Eleanor were home together 3 days a week.

10. Grace is going to learn WAY more in the PEAR program than she ever did in PPCD, i am already happier with her class than i ever was last year.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

FIrst Day of school

Tuesday was the first day of school. Eddie started Kindergarten, which he loves. I think he was made for school.

Grace started her new speech program. She is so excited to get on the bus every morning and they have been learning abut Dinosaurs this week. She is gone for about 3 hours every day.

So that leaves Eleanor home with me until little brother gets here in December. We have had alot of baking to do this week but she is a great helper and when she gets tired of helping she watches Dora. So nice and quiet...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Look at my little widget!!! 140 days down, 140 days to go. I am half way there!!!