Saturday, January 29, 2011

The First 5

I finally finished 5 books for my first entry into the winter reading program at our local library. It took me WAY longer than it used to! I really thought i could read 5 books in a week. It ended up taking 2 weeks, which isn't too shabby but is pretty slow for me. So here is what I read:

The Life of Pi by Yan Martel : I ended up loving this book and finishing it in about a day. I started it about 2 years ago and couldn't get into it. But once you get past all the exposition about swimming pools it gets really interesting.

The Road Home by Ellen Emerson White : Really, really, REALLY loved this book. It is about an Army nurse in Vietnam so parts of it were like watching an episode of M.A.S.H. but it was so well written and easy to read. I read it pretty fast too.

The Presidents Daughter by Ellen Emerson White : I had high hopes for this one, I really did. But by the end I just wanted to punch the main character in the mouth. AND it is the first in a series of 4 books (blegh). It is about a 16 year old girl whose mother runs for and becomes the President of the United States. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen. It never did.

White House Autumn by Ellen Emerson White : Sequel to The Presidents Daughter. I actually enjoyed this one more than the first, the plot was better developed but i still wanted to punch Meg, the main character. I plan to read the last 2 in the series, after a little break.

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan : I patiently waited for this one to come out in paperback because i am cheap. LOVE the Percy Jackson books. Hated the movie, BTW, don't waste your time. This one didn't disappoint. It was as well developed and exciting as the first 4. Read this one in a day.

So I have 5 more ready and waiting. They include the 3rd in the Ellen Emerson White series, What the Dog Saw, and a couple by Marcus Zuzak

Friday, January 14, 2011

Something Fantastic.

I just discovered something fantastic!

Our local library is having a Winter Reading Program for Adults. And the prizes are really fantastic! All you have to do is read 5 books for one entry into the prize drawing. Considering that i can read 5 books in about a week if i put my mind to it, I may have a pretty good chance at a prize. The program ends on March 15th which is about 8 weeks from now. So I am off to the library while the girls are at school (and hopefully William will be asleep in my arms) to get 4 books to complete my first entry. I already read THe Life of Pi, in about one day. I'll take recommendations although i tend to rely on Janssen's blog for good books. I am not a reviewer like she is though so don't expect me to review any of the books i read, However i will let you all know when i win a fabulous prize.

Happy Reading!!!