Friday, January 14, 2011

Something Fantastic.

I just discovered something fantastic!

Our local library is having a Winter Reading Program for Adults. And the prizes are really fantastic! All you have to do is read 5 books for one entry into the prize drawing. Considering that i can read 5 books in about a week if i put my mind to it, I may have a pretty good chance at a prize. The program ends on March 15th which is about 8 weeks from now. So I am off to the library while the girls are at school (and hopefully William will be asleep in my arms) to get 4 books to complete my first entry. I already read THe Life of Pi, in about one day. I'll take recommendations although i tend to rely on Janssen's blog for good books. I am not a reviewer like she is though so don't expect me to review any of the books i read, However i will let you all know when i win a fabulous prize.

Happy Reading!!!


Janssen said...

Aren't you nice?

Good luck! Definitely share what you read!

Tom Foad said...

great idea i would suggest one day by david nicholls

modern use of the stream of conciousness

Pretty Pauline said...

I really loved The Piano Shop on the Left Bank (or something very close to that). Have FUN! How neat!

sena nabila said...

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