Monday, October 29, 2007

speaking of cookies.....

I love cookies so much i decided to make lots and lots...... Just kidding! I am going to be selling baked goods at the Forest Creek elementary Fall festival next week and i am mixing up all the dough this week, freezing it in dough balls and baking like a crazy person next week. the festival is on friday the 9th...come check it out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am Wonder Woman

Today i am speaking in Sacrament meeting in the first hour of church, doing sharing time in the 2nd hour and teaching a primary lesson for the 3rd hour. now if i could just figure out how to have hot nutritious meal ready when we get home from church at 4 30 my day would be set.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

I love sesame street

Eddie is watching sesame street and they are having a bit called "meal or no meal' As i have watched Sesame street as an adult i know realize how much of the show, just like the movie Shrek, is entertaining for both the kids and the adults. This meal or no meal is hilarious. The Baker is offering cookies in exchange for the meal she chose. eddie likes the show deal or no deal so he thinks this is really funny. and of course Cookie monster is the Baker!!

And now i can ask myself about the dinner i am planning for it a 'meal or no meal'

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ode to stromboli

I love Stromboli!! for those of you who may not know exactly what Stromboli is it is like calzone only made with sandwich filling. My favorite is turkey, cheddar, and spicy mustard. Tim really likes it when i use sliced chicken breast and cheese. But it is a great way to use up sandwich meat that has been around a while. All you do is roll out your dough, any pizza dough will do, and spread on mustard. then you lay sliced meat out over the dough and sprinkle generously with shredded cheese. I have done it with sliced cheese too but then you have to be careful not to put too much on because then the cheese oozes out in the oven. I let mine rise for a little while so the bread is nice and light. Even my kids like this meal although Eddie only eats the meat part and grace mainly eats the cheese, the crust is the cheapest part of the meal anyway!

So give it a try...I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teaching our children to be PC

And I dont mean personal computers, although that would be nice. A few days ago we pulled into our driveway and one of the neighborhood kids was standing there on the sidewalk. As i opened the door eddie yelled really loud 'Hey, that black kid is my friend' Now there is nothing wrong with what he said but for whatever reason i felt a little embarassed. I woulden't have been embarassed if he had said 'that white kid is my friend'. I think it is a regional thing because Tim and i were talking about our graduating classes the other day and he mentioned that there were 2 black kids in his graduating class. I am pretty sure the ratio here in texas is a little different.

I think that my children, by living in the 'south' but having parents from the north will have a diferent view of what is PC. Also it is one of those 'out of the mouth of babe's' moments. Tell it like it is, Eddie!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Curses! Ants!

So i am already straying from the dinner topic but i just have to get this out......and it is 'kitchen' related.

Fire ants are a menace. Those of you who live in Texas know exactly what i mean. They always seem to be in the most obnoxious places, like the middle of the lawn for some unsuspecting two year old to walk through. Because my two year old frequently drops things and then comes back to them later, we have had 2 fire ant experiences in the last 24 hours. Yesterday morning i went out to the car to get something and Grace followed me. Of course i didn't take the time to put my own shoes on much less wrestle Grace to the ground in order to put hers on. So i made it out to the car without any ant encounters and i turned around just in time to see Grace pick up a pretzel that she had dropped on the front walk the night before. The pretzel was covered in fire ants. I wasn't close enough to see this but through past experiences with tasty items left outside over night i knew that there would be ants. I yelled really loud as soon as she picked it up which probably saved both of us from more bites. as i ran over to her i could see the wave of ants spreading over the concrete, luckily they were the smaller variety as well. i started to brush off her hand as she did a little dance trying to get them off her feet. I think she escaped with only a couple of bites mostly on her feet. (Eddie at her age would swell up where ever he was bitten, she doesn't do that). And now as i was sitting here in the kitchen typing i see a little trail of ants to the raisin that grace dropped here by the computer earlier. I hate to get out the heavy duty poison around the kids but we cant just have fire ants crawling around here biting out feet. When we lived in an apartment we had a fire ant problem and of course the management had to take care of it.....I guess you can call me the 'Management' now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What is For Dinner???

This is the never ending question of motherhood. Only usually my four year old, in his confusion about which meal comes next, asks me at 4 pm 'Mom, what's for Lunch?' I am plagued by meals, because my husband is a chef I feel that there is a certain expectation to be met. But then I remember that he loves Tacos so if all else fails we can have Mexican food. And the kids, for that matter, would have Dino Nuggets or Hot Dogs every day of the week if i would let them. Now, lets not forget that I have formal training in this area. It is believed by some that because the knowledge is in there it should be able to be called up at a moments notice and i should be able to look at the random items in the fridge and come up with several delectable dishes based on chicken breast, diet caffeine free Dr Pepper, and jello. Alas, I can't recall the exact date, much less the exact portions of ingredients that make up Chicken Kiev.

So, onward and upward i go, with the promise that my next meal and my next post will be better than the last!