Thursday, October 11, 2007

Curses! Ants!

So i am already straying from the dinner topic but i just have to get this out......and it is 'kitchen' related.

Fire ants are a menace. Those of you who live in Texas know exactly what i mean. They always seem to be in the most obnoxious places, like the middle of the lawn for some unsuspecting two year old to walk through. Because my two year old frequently drops things and then comes back to them later, we have had 2 fire ant experiences in the last 24 hours. Yesterday morning i went out to the car to get something and Grace followed me. Of course i didn't take the time to put my own shoes on much less wrestle Grace to the ground in order to put hers on. So i made it out to the car without any ant encounters and i turned around just in time to see Grace pick up a pretzel that she had dropped on the front walk the night before. The pretzel was covered in fire ants. I wasn't close enough to see this but through past experiences with tasty items left outside over night i knew that there would be ants. I yelled really loud as soon as she picked it up which probably saved both of us from more bites. as i ran over to her i could see the wave of ants spreading over the concrete, luckily they were the smaller variety as well. i started to brush off her hand as she did a little dance trying to get them off her feet. I think she escaped with only a couple of bites mostly on her feet. (Eddie at her age would swell up where ever he was bitten, she doesn't do that). And now as i was sitting here in the kitchen typing i see a little trail of ants to the raisin that grace dropped here by the computer earlier. I hate to get out the heavy duty poison around the kids but we cant just have fire ants crawling around here biting out feet. When we lived in an apartment we had a fire ant problem and of course the management had to take care of it.....I guess you can call me the 'Management' now.


Robin said...

Yes, those darn ants! Kill 'em all! We've had our share of problems with them lately, too, as you can see from the wrath you have just unleashed.

Tirzah said...

Totally Kitchen related... I can't stand them marching around eating the scraps that are left in the wake of a two year old... and a busy mom that forgot to wipe up every last drop of the darned apple juice that spilled as a result of the sippycup lid flying out of control of the loving mommy that was simply trying to open it(while holding another cup) to appease the aforementioned two year old that wanted a different cup...ugh!

Tirzah said...

I'm excited to follow your journey and add my comments here and there.Love ya Alison!