Thursday, January 31, 2008

An unfortunate side effect

I think it is an unfortunate side effect of being a stay at home mom that my self worth is directly connected to the amount of house work i get done in a day. I was just mopping my kitchen floor, something that has needed to be done for at least a week, and i was contemplating wether, by doing this chore that i don't really care for, I would be left with a sense of satisfaction. And strangely enough i don't really feel satisfied. Sitting on the couch and reading a novel probably gives me more satisfaction. But then the house is a mess and i feel guilty for not doing anything about it. My husband rarely gives me a hard time for the condition of the house so he isn't the one making me feel unworthy and the kids don't care if the house is clean or not.... I guess i kind of miss the days where i would go to work and have some one say 'Decorate this many cakes today'. It is so straight forward. I have made an attempt to create this sort of system for my housework but not having to answer to anyone kind of makes it feel pointless.

If anyone has any solutions for this, please share.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is my current favorite song....every time we hear it in the car we crank it up!! enjoy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

down for the count

I'm sick...... i dont get very sick very often. It has been a long time since i have been so sick that i cant function. Even sitting here typing this my head feels like a brick. what's even worse is that Eleanor and Eddie are sick too. yesterday eddie wasnt sick yet and he was so helpful. now he's just laying on the couch, which is pretty much all i can do since i have to hold the baby. Therefore Grace the destroyer is loose in the house. She had a concussion on monday night but that hasnt slowed her down...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Grocery Goddess

I know you are all really tired of hearing about my trips to the grocery store but lets face it... I have no life!

Today i went to Randall's after a so so trip to HEB( I only spent $17). But i was optimistic because Randall's has some great deals this week. I got my cart load to the registers and of course they only have the express lanes open. I cant remember the last time i had less than 15 items at Randall's. The baby was screaming but i was ultra organized so i just held her while we checked out. Because of that i was a little slow with my card and coupons. I glanced at the screen and it said $72.xx. YIKES. I had a bunch of coupons, like 20 or so. I also knew that i was getting $10 off for the breakfast deal. Then after i gave her my card and coupons.... $23.xx. Yippee!!!

For those of you who think maybe i am having a hard time making meals out of what i am buying, here are some of the things i bought today.

1 dozen eggs( i had coupons for 3 dozen but they only had one out there. with all three kids i don't usually hunt down an employee unless it is something i really need)
2 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of granola bars
3 cans of soup
3 pkgs of frozen potatoes(these were free)
That's all i can remember right now..... anyway it was GREAT!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Laughing

Here is another video clip for all you family members, Grace and Eleanor were laughing at each other after dinner last night so i used the laptop to record some of it. Of course as soon as i got the computer close to them they were to interested in the computer and i had to do a little bit of coaxing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blow out!!

(this poop related blog is for you Kristi )

I have never been very good at bringing extra outfits for my baby's when we go places like church, i guess i don't have the boy scout mentality. i can remember carrying around clothes for both the other kids until the clothes in my diaper bag no longer matched up with the size of the kid because i never had the occasion to use them. So i have been lucky till now, i can remember the other kids having blow outs but it was usually while they were in their car seat on the way home from some where.

Before church today (did i mention that i LOVE going to church at 9, I'm serious) I was contemplating the fact that Eleanor hadn't pooped in 3 days. I actually had been thinking about this fact since last night. I just knew that she was waiting for church. Right in the middle of the prayer or something. So as we were getting ready this morning i grabbed her other pink dress, she has 2 that are really similar and a clean onesie. Sure enough, mid way through Sacrament meeting Tim hands her to me and says 'she just pooped' I was like saying, 'the sky is blue'. I could see the poop spreading up her back. So i wrapped her up in the blanket and headed out. I stripped her down to the skin in the mothers lounge and i think i used 5 wipes to get it all off.

Thank Goodness for Mothers intuition.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What exactly is the point??

We were at Target today(where i did get a killer deal) and i was loading my 3 kids under 4 into one of those carts with the red plastic extra seats. You know the ones where the kids sit right there eating the handle of the cart. Well anyway since Grace cannot be trusted to walk in any store and I needed room to put things in the basket we had to have some additional seating. Now my question to the powers that be is... why have kids carts if none of them have working buckles??? I had to McGyver the buckle on Grace's seat so that she wouldn't escape. On the regular carts the buckles look like they are pretty easy to replace but i suppose the 5 point harness style on the bigger carts isnt as simple. Maybe i could make millions designing a better cart...oh wait some one already came up with the yellow bench style that they have at the HEB on Louis Henna.

Speaking of HEB, I noticed that at the new HEB on Gattis had a totally different style of kid carts in addition to the Racecarts. But alas when i went to put my 3 kids in that cart that is designed for 3 children the buckles were already broken. This was when the store had been open about 2 weeks.

Friday, January 4, 2008

political 2 cents

I don't usually talk politics because it usually causes disagreements. But this is my blog so i can say what i want right???

There was a caucus in Iowa yesterday where Obama and Huckabee were the winners. If that decided the candidates for the November election, which would win i wonder??? If the choice were a southern baptist or a black man which would our country elect?

What do you think??? Who is more likely to be elected? A woman, a Mormon, a black man or a white christian??? Now i am not asking who YOU are voting for i am just asking what you think will be the outcome of a national vote.