Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What exactly is the point??

We were at Target today(where i did get a killer deal) and i was loading my 3 kids under 4 into one of those carts with the red plastic extra seats. You know the ones where the kids sit right there eating the handle of the cart. Well anyway since Grace cannot be trusted to walk in any store and I needed room to put things in the basket we had to have some additional seating. Now my question to the powers that be is... why have kids carts if none of them have working buckles??? I had to McGyver the buckle on Grace's seat so that she wouldn't escape. On the regular carts the buckles look like they are pretty easy to replace but i suppose the 5 point harness style on the bigger carts isnt as simple. Maybe i could make millions designing a better cart...oh wait some one already came up with the yellow bench style that they have at the HEB on Louis Henna.

Speaking of HEB, I noticed that at the new HEB on Gattis had a totally different style of kid carts in addition to the Racecarts. But alas when i went to put my 3 kids in that cart that is designed for 3 children the buckles were already broken. This was when the store had been open about 2 weeks.

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Gretchen said...

What really baffles me is, who breaks them? I mean, I use them all the time (or at least whenever they're not broken) but I have never had one actually break on me. Are there shopping cart pixies that go around breaking buckles in the wee hours? Do overweight teenagers think it's raucous fun to strain and then break them when we're not looking? Shouldn't the parking lot be littered with broken off buckle prongs to account for all the missing ones on the carts? The world may never know...