Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blow out!!

(this poop related blog is for you Kristi )

I have never been very good at bringing extra outfits for my baby's when we go places like church, i guess i don't have the boy scout mentality. i can remember carrying around clothes for both the other kids until the clothes in my diaper bag no longer matched up with the size of the kid because i never had the occasion to use them. So i have been lucky till now, i can remember the other kids having blow outs but it was usually while they were in their car seat on the way home from some where.

Before church today (did i mention that i LOVE going to church at 9, I'm serious) I was contemplating the fact that Eleanor hadn't pooped in 3 days. I actually had been thinking about this fact since last night. I just knew that she was waiting for church. Right in the middle of the prayer or something. So as we were getting ready this morning i grabbed her other pink dress, she has 2 that are really similar and a clean onesie. Sure enough, mid way through Sacrament meeting Tim hands her to me and says 'she just pooped' I was like saying, 'the sky is blue'. I could see the poop spreading up her back. So i wrapped her up in the blanket and headed out. I stripped her down to the skin in the mothers lounge and i think i used 5 wipes to get it all off.

Thank Goodness for Mothers intuition.


Sheyenne said...

Yuck. I hated blowouts. And I NEVER EVER brought an extra outfit, so when it happened we just had to carry our kids out naked. I'd likely have used it as a good excuse to go home and skip the rest of church.

azufelt said...

hey there! I saw your post on Ralphie's page... Oh the blow outs, those are horrendous, but expected from a baby... now when it's your 2 1/2 year old and you are in the middle of sacrament and it leaks onto you WHITE skirt.... well, I can tell you, it's not a pretty site. (I had to run home and change us, and then go back! Ha!)

Nice to see some pics of you family! -Ashley

Kristi said...

Way to go!!! So glad you had the extra dress. It was really embarrassing carrying Gwen out of the mall buck naked :)