Monday, January 21, 2008

Grocery Goddess

I know you are all really tired of hearing about my trips to the grocery store but lets face it... I have no life!

Today i went to Randall's after a so so trip to HEB( I only spent $17). But i was optimistic because Randall's has some great deals this week. I got my cart load to the registers and of course they only have the express lanes open. I cant remember the last time i had less than 15 items at Randall's. The baby was screaming but i was ultra organized so i just held her while we checked out. Because of that i was a little slow with my card and coupons. I glanced at the screen and it said $72.xx. YIKES. I had a bunch of coupons, like 20 or so. I also knew that i was getting $10 off for the breakfast deal. Then after i gave her my card and coupons.... $23.xx. Yippee!!!

For those of you who think maybe i am having a hard time making meals out of what i am buying, here are some of the things i bought today.

1 dozen eggs( i had coupons for 3 dozen but they only had one out there. with all three kids i don't usually hunt down an employee unless it is something i really need)
2 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of granola bars
3 cans of soup
3 pkgs of frozen potatoes(these were free)
That's all i can remember right now..... anyway it was GREAT!!!

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