Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teaching our children to be PC

And I dont mean personal computers, although that would be nice. A few days ago we pulled into our driveway and one of the neighborhood kids was standing there on the sidewalk. As i opened the door eddie yelled really loud 'Hey, that black kid is my friend' Now there is nothing wrong with what he said but for whatever reason i felt a little embarassed. I woulden't have been embarassed if he had said 'that white kid is my friend'. I think it is a regional thing because Tim and i were talking about our graduating classes the other day and he mentioned that there were 2 black kids in his graduating class. I am pretty sure the ratio here in texas is a little different.

I think that my children, by living in the 'south' but having parents from the north will have a diferent view of what is PC. Also it is one of those 'out of the mouth of babe's' moments. Tell it like it is, Eddie!

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Ralphie said...

That is so funny! And truly this is a stuggle because how do you teach them all the things that are tabbo with out becoming un-PC yourself? Hmmmmm...33