Wednesday, February 27, 2008

posting for validation

DO you blog for validation??? Do you find yourself looking for something to blog about that will cause people to comment on what you have to say??? I find that some times i just post things so that people will tell me my kids are cute even though i already know that. What is even funnier about this is i rarely comment on other peoples blogs but i expect people to comment on mine. How backwards is that??


Robin said...

Hey Alison--I made a carrot cake last night. You can come over and have some later and I will tell you how cute your kids are in person. OK?

julianee said...

You know I used to blog... now I just read other people's blogs while my blogs sit alone. Sometimes I feel guilty for not contributing to the community, but then I realize, its ok. Other people's kids are way cuter than Ted's silly faces.