Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Missing me yet???

Hi rabid readers!!! I have been and still am out of town having a wonderful time in the great northwest. My internet usage has been intermitant so i just thought a brief update would be good. I am almost exatly half way through my LONG vacation. We are really looking forward to daddy comming in 3 weeks and were really surprized to hear the news from the Round Rock Ward. Things are going to be so different when i get back!

I hope to post some pictures next week, my parents internet is down until the 26th so i cant really upload very well.


Robin said...

Of course we are missing you! We can't even drive down the street without being reminded that you are not there. But I am glad that you are having a great vacation. Have fun!

BTW, I love my new title of "rabid reader." :)

Stephanie T said...

I'm totally missing you. Actually make that my whole family is missing you. Should I be jealous that my husband keeps asking me when you are coming home??? I totally wouldn't stand for it with any other woman. But alas he is in love with your bread! And we are down to our very last loave.
But, I am missing you and it has nothing to do with the bread. I'm sad you aren't in our ward anymore.

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