Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 Week Follow Up

We went back to the audiologist today to have Graces hearing retested. She has been on Zertec and Nasonex for the last 6 weeks in an effort to clear the fluid out of her ears so they can test her hearing.

The first thing the audiologist does is a tympanometry If that is not normal than they dont even proceed with the hearing test. The test showed that Grace was flat line in the right ear and a mole hill in the left ear. A normal ear has peaks.

The next step in our hearing adventure is going to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor. I asked a lot of questions today. The audiologist was very helpful and said that the ENT doctor is pretty conservitive and may try something else before putting tubes in her ears. We will be seeing him on monday and hopefully we can make some more progress.

When i think about this whole expirence I reflect on the fact that if i had just accepted that she didn't talk and never called the ECI we never would have thought to have her hearing tested and never would have discovered the fluid. At the same time I am tired of going to the doctors office.

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