Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding the Joy

Recently I was having a hard time finding joy in my life. I am sure most every one has been there at one time or another. I let my self get so far removed from the joy that the things i really do love actually started to be annoying. So i just wanted to point out a couple of things i have re-discovered in the last week that bring joy into my life.

Eddie- I am sure most 4 year olds have minds like a steel trap and hearing like an owl. His attentiveness and negotiation tactics crack me up. The other night he was refusing to eat his dinner and he kept saying ' I want another meal!' (he ended up going hungry, in our house we eat what is on our plate) He is great most of the time about playing with his sisters.

Grace- Maybe the sweetest and brightest girl i know. Since she is having trouble communicating we have had a rough time lately. The doctor says we can resolve her hearing problem next week and then she should be able to speak soon after that. She doesn't miss a trick though. I could be talking about babies in the other room and she will bring me her dolly. I suspect that when she is able to talk she wont stop. Ever.

Eleanor- or nee-nor as she is more affectionately called. She is at that age where babies start to be more independent but they still need their mommies. She crawls off to play by her self and can be totally happy for minuets at a time.

Garage Sales- I have had some good finds in the past couple of weeks, I'll post more on that later.

Vacation- 9 weeks till a nice 6 week long vacation. Unfortunately my biggest joy wont be able to be there for most of it.

Tim- My hubby is the biggest joy in my life. I cant believe i forgot for any amount of time how incredible he is. Seriously, my day gets better when i know it is almost time for him to come home, and not just because i want a break from my kids anymore. He is a wonderful daddy and husband and we are really going to miss him when we are gone this summer.

BTW Thanks to my sister Annabelle for her visit. It was WAY fun!!!


julianee said...

I'm sure you don't share my current joy of dishes, but I understand not seeing joy, then remembering the people who bring it to you. I still don't like dishes, but I like the time that Ted and I get to spend when I am doing them while he makes dishes, I mean dinner. I am so excited to see you guys this summer. I miss having family close. I grew up with everyone so close to me that it is strange not being closer. Times and seasons I guess...

momu said...

Joy itself is a "times and seasons" kind of thing anyway. The secret is finding joy in the small things and in nurturing gratitude. Through all the ups and downs of my life, gratitude has been the portal to joy.