Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Free meal with a side of fat lip

We went to Ikea tonight for Kids eat free night. I dropped Eddie off in the Smaland at 4 05 and wandered around for a while. When i went back to pick Eddie up about 40 minutes later the attendant said "Eddie fell on the stairs a few minutes ago and cut his lip. It bled kind of alot at first but stopped quickly and he said he was okay" Aright.... he is the kind of kid that would have them call his mom if he was really hurt so i figured he was okay. While he was getting his shoes on i took a look. YIKES!! I checked his teeth to see if any of them were loose and he said his teeth didn't hurt. He was able to eat a whole bowl of mac and cheese. he had some trouble drinking out of a cup, his top lip is pretty bruised, I can only imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow. I took some pictures, mostly because Tim is working in the evenings so it will probably be healed by the time Tim sees him on Saturday.

On a side note... I never thought i would say this but... I love The Wiggles. They used to really bother me but one of their tapes is a great work out :)


Corbett Family said...

That's a crazy IKEA story. Hope Eddie feels better soon. I have a funny Wiggles story, but it would make a long comment, so I'll post it on my blog and you can read it there!

Stephanie T said...

We are huge Wiggles Fans at our house too. So, we should do the IKEA thing together sometime, Ken has a conference call at 6 pm usually on Weds.