Monday, July 14, 2008

More grocery cart woes

(i should rename my blog 'Alison's Complaints')

Today is Monday so the kids and I went grocery shopping. Some people think I am crazy for taking all three of my kids to the store with me and think I should go when my hubby is home. Since those times are now few and far between, I feel even more justified in taking my kids with me. Any way, they go with me because it is what we do on Monday mornings and I figure if they cant sit still and behave them selves while we shop they will never make it through kindergarten. I hit a record low today, spending only $30 because we are using up the stuff we have before vacation.

After HEB, which was pretty uneventful, we headed to Randalls. In the past couple of weeks I have had to look for the Blue 3 seater carts to put my kids in. for whatever reason they always seem to be parked on the other side from where I come in. So I went hunting today, assuming that I would find one on the other side. Alas, no blue carts or car carts. I don't like the car carts anyway because grace climbs out of them and/or hangs her head out the side making it impossible to drive. Today I would have put up with that because the alternative is exactly what i had to do today. I put Eleanor in the seat, Grace in the basket, and Eddie walks. It's a good thing I want getting my usual haul ( I only ended up spending $4.xx).

We started around the store, Eddie running ahead, Grace trying to climb out, and Eleanor trying to do whatever Grace was doing. I rounded a corner and right in front of me was a woman with a blue cart. I wanted to ram her with my cart full of kids. There in her 3 seater cart was one chubby 7 YEAR OLD girl. Come on now, seriously?????? I was practically wrestling an octopus so that this big kid could relax while they walked through the store. I was so angry that I got all distracted and couldn't find anything.

As we were checking out Grace happened to grab a comment card. You better believe they are getting a comment from me about not having enough kid carts.

(If you were the lady with the blue cart and you happen to be reading this, or if you are guilty of this yourself, I apologize.....wait, no LEAVE THE BLUE CARTS FOR THE POOR SOULS WHO NEED THEM!!)


chelon:) said...

i so hear you!! leave them to the people who need to contain their kids not get them out of exercise!! can't wait for my grocery lesson :)

Robin said...

That is annoying. I feel that way, too, when I see people shopping at places such as Kohls without ANY kids who are pushing carts with child seats (for their one pair of slacks or something) when I have 2 kids and can find no cart at all. I'd leave the next time that happened, but I'm all-around less likely to go there in the first place now.

Also, I do the same thing--take my kids with me wherever I go so they can just learn to deal with it--but you can always call me if you need to head out and do not want to fight for a shopping basket.

momu said...

I remember when they invented the carts with a baby seat attached. What a relief! Of course, that made it so there was no place for the 2-year-old to sit. I used to put the baby in the seat, the 2-year-old in the basket and make the other two hang on to the sides of the cart. They're around 30 now and they still reach for the side of the cart when they shop with me.

Stephanie T said...

See, I hate shopping without my kids. People think it's really weird when you talk to yourself and say should we have corn for dinner or broccoli? So even if I only just have the two girls they will think it's okay. I once had a lady in the store ask me if I was talking to her. But I totally love shopping with my boys because they are total heavy lifters. But I remember the times when it wasn't so much fun and they knocked down a huge 6 ft display of cereal, canned fruit, and soda bottles. BTW- those weren't in the same display, those were totally different times!

azufelt said...

I hear ya on the cart catastrophe! I once got one of those at Walmart, but the middle middle wheels didn't touch the floor. So the only wheels that touched and rolled, were the very front and back, which have casters on them, to steer. So the cart was turning every which direction, people probably thought I was a TOTAL moron, because I couldn't control the cart.

I had to take it back to the front, tried another one, same thing. We downgraded into a regular cart, jsut to get the shopping done.

Tammy Townsend said...

Well I hate to say it but, I wouldn't be to hard on the lady. Because that might be me in two years with Vilate. Cause there's no way I would attempt to have her walk in the store.
I know it can be frustrating. However just think maybe her daughter has some special need and that was the only way she could do her grocery shopping.
So look at it as a sacrifice for someone else.