Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rotten Brains

As a child my family didn't have a TV for several years. I can remember babysitting and watching as much TV as the little kids would let me because i didn't have the opportunity to at home. I feel that this no TV factor of my childhood had some lasting effects on my adult life. First the good effects....I love to read. There was a library around the corner from our house when i was 11 that was only open once a week in the summer. those were the best days of the week. we would go and get a stack of books and curl up with them in the cool basement. There wasn't a TV to distract us. I have less and less opportunities as time goes by but i am comforted by the fact that i will someday have time again. Now the not so good effects. I have a love hate relationship with my TV. I really like watching TV. I don't have cable because just the idea that there could be always something to watch scares me. I would never get anything done around the house. On Saturday mornings I hate the TV. It never seems more mind numbing to me than on Saturday morning when Tim is home and it gets turned on by 9 am. I used to watch TV in the morning ad then i realized that it often ruins my whole day if I sit on the couch even just long enough to watch Martha or Ellen. So when Tim and Eddie start watching TV at 9 am it disturbs me. I like the TV for it's entertainment factor. Just now i went hunting for a Tellietubbies video for grace to watch so i could blog in peace. You see, Tellytubbies is the only thing that Grace will watch. Talk about turning your brain to mush. I settled for Bear in the Big Blue House which i hadn't seen until today when she picked it out at the library. It doesn't quite capture her attention, i think there is too much talking.

For those of you who have met Grace know that she is a women of few words. Not to be confused with few sounds, she makes plenty of noises. She turned 2 on Monday and doesn't have a lot of language skills yet. It had been suggested to me i should try to start potty training her, she is 2 and girls are supposed to be easier than boys. But if she cant verbalize potty than she cant tell me. I think she understands the concept but it is hard to tell.

Enough of my aimless ramblings....For those of you in climates that have winter, I'm jealous because it is 87 degrees here today.

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