Sunday, November 4, 2007


This may seem really redundant but sundays are really hard for me. I thought that after being wonder woman last week, this week would be easier. It started out good, i got up pretty early because of the tme change but so did the kids for the same reason. Grace is teething, getting her two year molars, so she has been crying for 3 days. tim leaves for church shortly after 8. So by the time it is time to start thinking about getting ready i feel completely frazzled and i start to get short with the kids. By the time it is time to be walking out the door, i'm yelling. I never feel very spiritual by the time i get to church but that usualy changes pretty fast. this week it seemed like my kids were the noisy-est kids in the room. I went to the mothers lounge in the first 5 minutes of sacrament just to get away from the kids for a minute and try to get more patient. I teach primary in the 3rd hour and by that time i am compleatly drained. I feel bad for my primary class although i dont think they mind playing games sometimes.

I did get something out of church today about journal writing. I dont keep a journal very well but it has been suggested to me that a blog is kind of like a journal and it can be a record of my life.


Sheyenne said...

Hey Alison,
Sundays are very difficult when it's just you and the kids. Don't feel bad about that at all. In fact, I have help and I'm still usually yelling by the time we're trying to load into the car. I guess we can both try to get better. And using a blog as a journal was the whole reason I started one as well. I'm just not motivated enough to actually put pen to paper. This is a great idea, and you can even do pictures! Gotta love it.

Robin said...

Alison, I know how you feel. Last week, for me, was the worst Sunday I've had in a long time. I actually was going to leave after Sacrament, because I was so fed up with my inability to handle my kids during church, but I drove a couple of blocks and then turned around and came back with the idea that, surely, if I got one thing out of the rest of the meetings, it would be worthwhile. Of course, I did and it all turned out OK. Since then, I have been praying to have more compassion on my kids. (And they don't call me the Compassionate Service Leader for nothing--LOL) The kids didn't act much better today, but for some reason, I ended up having a wonderful Sunday at church. I think the change of heart had to do with the object of my fast and the prayers I've had this week. It definitely helped, anyway.

You are awesome, and you are definitely among friends who know the feeling!

By the way, Zachary was asking this afternoon when you, Eddie, Grace and the baby were going to come over and visit. What should I tell him?

Jules said...

Ditto what everyone has said about Sundays! It doesn't help that church starts after naps should start, so everyone is especially difficult at my house! I frequently just want to stay home and let everyone sleep! But, come January and that all will change. It will be more of a race of who can wake up and get out of the door as fast as possible, and still be on time! :)

And, I have to add that Seth's loves you as his teachers, and doesn't mind at all when there is game playing. In fact, I am sure all the kids consider it a special treat. In regards to last week, Seth told me that they got to play games and added something to the extent of "but it is good to play games because all of that learning at church can just make you so tired. So, you need a break." Maybe I should suggest that for Gospel Doctrine... :) kidding! But seriously, you do a fabulous job in their class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin said...

I can't really add to the parenting factor YET... but as far as Sunday's go I have trouble getting going sometimes. We only get Sunday mornings off over here. They say when you're deployed you make crazy money but in actuality I figure I make just above $5 an hour based on the number of hours I put in. So when Sundays come along even with my alarm set I sometimes sleep in to recover from the long week. I usually feel pretty bad about it because Church really helps me recharge and reset for the new week but as my wife has put it... maybe God understands how little sleep I get and it's not so bad to get a few extra winks from time to time.
Reading your blog... believe it or not... gets me excited in a weird way for having kids to get frazzled over. My tune may change when I have kids... but I think the most selfless thing a person can do is raise children. Keep up the good work.