Friday, November 2, 2007


do i have to have a title? Sometimes i just feel like blathering mindlessly about nothing and that generaly doesnt constitute having a title. I think i will start titling the posts with random food titles like Osso Buco (10 points if you can identify that dish, 20 if you have eaten it!!)

So my random house is still messy and i dont know what to have for dinner, maybe meat...right Sheyenne?? Today i plan on making at least 12 dozen cookies and possibly a couple of pies.....just 6 or 8 ;)

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Sheyenne said...

What a coincidence Alison! I happen to have LOTS of meat I could give you if you're too busy making cookies. :D Would you like chicken, pork, beef, or ham? Oh, I forgot Hot Pockets, lots and LOTS of Hot Pockets.
And just title your posts, "Mindless blather" or be arrogant like me and call them "little bits of wisdom from Alison". Sometimes when you talk big you can convince other people that what you say really IS important. hehe