Monday, April 14, 2008

another wonderful time waster

here is another way to waste time online, as if we needed another one. it's a site called netwinner. You play games for points and then cash in your points for gift cards when you earn enough. I have been playing for a week and have earned 3000 points.

All you do is play games like Banko, which is like Bingo, and they also have Money Wheel. They are so easy that you can actually have them running in the background while you are doing other things. You can play 10 Banko cards a day and get 100 spins on the money wheel per day.

When you sign up for Netwinner, make sure you verify your email address with them or you won't be able to cash out and get your gift cards! Verifying your email with them also will enable you to be alerted if they have special double point days. These will make great Christmas gifts.

To verify your email with them, log in then go to the "my account" tab. Once there you will see your address information and to the right a "verify email" tab. Just click the link and follow directions to verify.

To sign up click here.

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