Monday, March 24, 2008

Can you hear me now???

Those of you that know Grace at all know that she has some speech delays. I tell people some times that she doesn't talk but she does talk a little bit. A couple of weeks ago i got in touch with Early childhood intervention and had her evaluated. They rated her speech level at 20 months. That is almost 9 months behind. I was somewhat relieved to hear this because i was sure that it was just me being impatient with her.

We have been working with the ECI program doing some therapy with her over the last two weeks. One of the things that was so hard for me was that she was not putting two words together. I have talked to other kids her age who talk in full and complete sentences. Eddie spoke very well at that age(although i try really hard not to compare my kids). I would really like to potty train her and she seems like she could be ready but she cant yet tell me when she has to go. On Saturday she said 'bye bye ma ma'. I was thrilled.

One of the suggestions of the ECI program was to have Grace's hearing tested. We went to the Audiologist on Wednesday last week. One of the first thing they discovered was that she had fluid in her ears, therefore the test would not be accurate. They went ahead and did the test anyway and in showed mild hearing loss in both ears, probably due to the fluid. This is weird because she hasn't had nearly as many ear infections as Eddie had. So we went back to her pediatrician today and got a perscription for some allergy medicine and nasal spray. All i have to say is this had better be effective because the nasal spray was expensive. it must be made of gold or something.

In 6 weeks we will go back to the audiologist and hopefully she will walk in there and say..."hi doctor, my name is Grace"


Ralphie said...

Hot new layout! I love it!

Grace is such a keeper. With or without words.

Sheyenne said...

Okay, I had no idea she had a speech delay. I thought she was just the quiet type. Hopefully you'll be able to get this figured out and she'll be talking your ear off soon.

Robin said...

I was thrilled to read about her saying "bye bye, mama," too. :)