Sunday, March 2, 2008


Janssen's recent blog has inspired me to count my weekend blessings.

1. All my laundry is folded, well almost. But at least it is all clean.

2. Tax Return.... need I say more?

3. The Sunday newspaper with all it's coupons.

4. Thank goodness for high powered antibiotics. Eddie was complaining that his throat hurt and then he broke out in a rash. Our first experience with strep throat. So now he is on Antibiotics and we are all crossing out fingers that the other two don't get it. Since Grace and Eddie sleep in the same bed now we may be making another trip to the Dr. this week(cross your fingers for me).

5. Sick kids kept me home from church which isn't a blessing itself but i did just reorganize my pantry and that is good.

6. 'Ticket to Ride'. I played this game over at Robin's house Friday night. Way fun.

7. Papa Murphy's. instant Saturday night dinner.

8. My neighbor and i are resuming our morning walks starting monday. i am actually excited to get up at 5 30.

that's all for now.


Janssen said...

Oooh, I LOVE Ticket To Ride - it's one of my favorite games ever!

Kristi said...

Hey Alison! I couldn't find your e-mail, I was just wondering (hey maybe you could do a post about this and then I will comment ;) if you could tell me your thoughts on the Mazda 5. How well do your kids fit in it, gas mileage, etc. etc. I think it is so darn cute and we are in the market for a van-ish type car (but don't want to fork out the $ for an actual van....gasp). What dealership did you get it at? Thanks, I missed you in the nursing room on Sunday!