Friday, March 28, 2008

Curse you, Sitemeter!!

Kristi posted the other day about some one in England reading her blog. So i got the idea to install the nifty little sitemeter on my blog. Bad idea. Now not only do i check Google reader several times a day to see if any one has posted, i am also checking sitemeter to see who has visited. Most of the locations i recognize as people i know.......but there are a few, nothing as exotic as England this week, that i have no idea who they could be.

Holly, I saw your comment on Kristi's blog. all you have to do, if you have sitemeter at least, is click on the location option on the left side of the sitemeter screen.

No more anonymity for you!!!(sort of)

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Janssen said...

I'm a sitemeter addict myself. How embarrassing.