Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mom, What's Voting??

We were out delivering bread today and drove past the fellowship which is where i am supposed to vote. I was kind of thinking out loud and i said 'oh i need to go vote' well of course from the back of the car comes the inevitable question.

Eddie: "mom what's voting??"
Me: "well, we get to choose who we want to be president of our country. Who would you choose to be the president Eddie?"
Eddie: "Joseph Smith"
I was trying really hard to keep a straight face.
Me: "Really?? I don't think that he can"
Eddie: "Is he dead??"
Me: "Yes, Who would be your second choice?"
Eddie: "President Hinkley"
Me: "Hmmmm I don't think that would work either, he's dead too"
We talked for a minute longer about what being dead means, going back to live with Heavenly Father. Then...
Eddie: "Mom, I think Heavenly father would make a good president"
Me: "Yep Eddie, i bet he would"


Robin said...

I didn't go vote today for a good reason. And it's just as well since all the good candidates are dead, apparently.

Kristi said...

Gwen told me she was voting for Jesus, that's funny, kids really are on to something!

Hey Alison I was going to tell you the date on the oatmeal is 3/18, so come get it quick! I only have one big can, I thought I had more but I will have to check!

Ralphie said...

Now I CAN'T vote for anyone less than Heavenly Father and Jesus. These candiates need to step it up a notch.

julianee said...

Ted can't wait until we are all in Idaho and he gets to play with everyone. Moments like this make me wish we all lived closer and could share more of them.

Tirzah said...

What a woderful teaching/pondering moment... The millennium is going to be so awesome! :)